Compliance Statement

We are currently in the process of preparing an application to be submitted to the Bermuda Monetary Authority for a Class F digital asset business licence to conduct certain digital asset business activities in and from within Bermuda in accordance with the Digital Asset Business Act 2018 and ancillary regulations. Until and unless that licence is issued, certain services described on our website shall not be available. Updates on progress shall be posted here.

The contents of this website, including all references to “services”, are published in good faith and for general informational purposes only. “Services” offered by Parabolic or otherwise referenced on the website are subject to applicable laws and regulations in the jurisdictions in which we operate. Parabolic complies with all such laws and regulations and has obtained or is in the process of obtaining requisite licenses and permissions to offer such “services” in each applicable jurisdiction. More specifically, in Bermuda some of our “services” will require us to obtain a Digital Asset Business License (DABL) from the Bermuda Monetary Authority, pursuant to the Digital Asset Business Act 2018. Until such time that we have been issued a DABL we shall not be conducting or offering services that comprise digital asset business activities in or from within Bermuda.

The information contained on this Website has been obtained from sources which Parabolic believes are reliable. However, the accuracy of the information cannot and is not guaranteed and Parabolic makes no representation as to its accuracy or completeness. Neither this Website, nor any information contained herein, constitutes advice or a solicitation to subscribe to any service. Parabolic expressly disclaims any liability whatsoever for any loss whatsoever arising from or in reliance upon any part of the contents of this Website or any external website referenced from this Website.

By using this Website, you hereby acknowledge this statement and agree to its terms. This compliance statement is subject change from time to time, and should be reviewed every time you access this Website.